The critical service that RentClick.ca offers Mainstreet is that they drive rental inquiry leads for us across the country. As a property manager of over 8,000 units across Canada we need to find the most cost efficient and effective marketing tools as possible – we found one in RentClick.ca. They also provided us incredible service in getting all of our units listed on their site in a very short time, which took a load off of our staff, and they continue to provide quick responses to our continued needs. The client admin side is super intuitive and a breeze to use. I think one of the key elements to our mutual success is that they are leaders in the ‘mobile’ search for rental apartments, both through their mobile-optimized site and especially through their Apps. We loved the App so much we had them create one for Mainstreet! Thanks RentClick.ca

-- Michael Birklein, Director Marketing & Communications, Mainstreet Equity Corp.

I have much experience using web based marketing for our portfolio of rental properties and am pleased to provide an extremely positive reference for RentClick.ca. The site provides us with excellent leads, is very easy to use, and provides great customer service.

-- Shamon Kureshi, President, Hope Street Real Estate Corp.

As a non-professional landlord, I value that RentClick makes the process of finding new tenants and marketing easy and efficient. I love that they were first to have the iPhone app and how easy it was to create my listing. I feel that I reach a much broader audience of potential renters on RentClick. I have been using RentClick since it started and I'm always impressed with the quality of tenants that I find. Thanks for making it so easy.

-- Lori, Happy Landlord