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Renting Out? Tips for making Toronto Apartments Listings More Appealing

Category: Landlord Tips
Published: 10 January 2014

If you're a property owner looking to find an occupant for your apartment, you will be facing a lot of competition in a huge market of available Toronto apartments. Here are 3 important guidelines you should follow to make your listing more appealing and find some fast leads.

1. Describe the Location

When you begin writing your listing, sell your location, and not just the space you are renting. Note close by grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, public transportation, and recreational spaces (parks, gyms, etc.). Renters are drawn to places that show Toronto's vibrant activity and walkability, so describing these outside benefits to renting your apartment can make your listing more unique.

2. Not All Pictures Are Made Equal

A quick snapshot of your apartment from your phone will not do. If you want to draw more attention to your listing, pay your apartment and its design some attention before taking a picture. Clean and remove any clutter in the room, like piles of magazines or newspapers. Take your photos at an angle that does not distort the size of the room, and as many as possible. 

If the apartment is empty or will not include furniture for a tenant, mention that in the description, as well as dimensions of the rooms and what can comfortably fit in them (bed sizes, couch sizes, table, etc.). Empty rooms can make it harder for possible renters to imagine their space needs, so having furniture within the photos or descriptions of them give the renter scale. 

3. Target Your Listing

Online listings like Craigslist reach a lot of potential tenants, but can quickly drop off from the top of the list as long as others are posting their vacancies. With many also worried about scam listings, finding the right renter can be even harder. It's best to list your apartment under reputable listings, such as RentClick.ca. RentClick.ca offers much more tools to help you learn about your listing's popularity amongst thousands of potential renters. With an app, quick and easy to utilise, you can be sure that your property or properties will not stay vacant for long. 

For more advice, and to learn about the current rental market in Toronto, visit us.


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Decorating your Calgary Rental for Warmth

Category: Landlord Tips
Published: 07 January 2014

When you're in a Calgary rental for the winter, you cannot change the physical environment to make it warmer. You must live with the climate control system, weatherstripping and insulation that came with your place. However, you can decorate your spaces so they look warmer by following these tips.

  • Add pattern and texture. Smooth, bare, and shiny surfaces look colder and are better-suited for the summer. You want to use materials with the opposite feel in the winter. Put shag rugs on top of wooden or carpeted floors. Cover your upholstered pieces with furry throws and pillows. Use patterned bed-linens, towels, windows coverings, and table cloths. Replace glass, metal, and ceramic accessories with ones made of rough wood and textured stone.

  • Darkness can shrink the size of spaces and make them look colder. To add brightness to every corner, add lamps, preferably in front of reflective surfaces like a mirror. A fire in a fireplace imbues a space with physical and visual warmth. If your rental doesn't have this feature, you can simulate it by grouping several candles together on your dining table or countertops. If you're concerned about fire being a hazard or have small children, use LED candles that simulate the flicker of fire with a bulb.

  • Nothing recalls warmer days like greenery. A traditional winter plant for indoors is poinsettia but other suitable delights include begonias, jasmine, and amaryllis. Running water also implies more pleasant days because winter freezes liquids and covers them up with snow. Add a tabletop fountain or two where the sound can spread throughout your rental.

Come summer or if you have to move, you can pack up all these ideas until next winter. For more information about keeping your spaces warmer, or if you want help finding a rental, please contact us.


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It's a tight market. Find Calgary houses for rent

Category: Calgary
Published: 03 January 2014

According to a recent article from the Calgary Herald, a flood in June that had people searching for temporary housing and a net increase of an estimated 15,000 to 30,000 new residents to the city in 2013 has made for a tight real estate market.

The rental vacancy rate is currently down and the cost of purchasing homes in the Calgary area is up. Landlords can expect to see a lot of interest in their properties in a market like this. Likewise, renters should be prepared to be competitive when looking for a property for rent as properties are moving fast.

If you're looking for houses for rent in Calgary, or you have a rental property that is available in the area, RentClick.ca is the service you need. RentClick.ca is a website service that connects landlords and property owners with tenants who need rental accommodations. Landlords can experience a hassle-free process of listing their rental home, complete with bonus features such as the ability to edit their listing at any time and to add as many photos of their property as they would like. Tenants have the ability to search for rental homes based on their own criteria, including the type and size of the home, the amount of rent and features such as neighborhood or whether pets are allowed.

In a tight housing market like Calgary's, it helps to have a service that works to make it easier for you to find the perfect tenant or the perfect rental home. For more information, contact us.


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New Stormwater Rates for Mississauga Homes and Apartments: What You Should Know

Category: Mississauga
Published: 30 December 2013

In a recent press release by the city of Mississauga, a new stormwater user rate has been considered and recommended to the Council. This would help improve how the City would fund the service that reduces flooding and protect water quality for Mississauga apartments, homes, condos, and businesses. The systems and infrastructure that go toward stormwater management include storm sewers and drains, by-law enforcement, street-sweeping, stream rehabilitation, maintenance of infrastructure, and more. Overall, it will help the city maintain a better, clean environment for the city. 

What does this mean for me, a renter or property owner?

The stormwater rate would be charged based on the stormwater runoff of the property. For businesses, the rate would be calculated according to the measured hard surface area, which contributes to runoff water. For residential properties, the charge will depend on the type and size of the home. Factors that are taken into account are the type of hard surfaces that contribute to runoff, such as rooftops, driveways, parking areas, walkways and patios.

If the plan is approved, these new stormwater rates for funding would be implemented in 2016 and would appear in the Region of Peel Water bill. Based on 2012 data, the city has provided estimates of the costs and categories (which are expected to change). For example, a residential apartment building with 7 or more units (4 storeys or more) can see a cost of $9.00 per unit. For more estimates, look at the Mississauga press release

To read more about the new stormwater user rate and how it will work, read the Stormwater Financing Study Implementation Plan.

When looking for Mississauga apartments, it's important to keep rising costs in mind, especially if you are on a tight budget. For property owners, it can be helpful to retrofit properties that can reduce runoff, such as removing impervious surfaces and adding "rain gardens". For renters, ask about how this plan might change rent, if you plan on a long-term rental contract that overlaps with the timeline for the stormwater rate. For finding the best renting options within your means, contact us.


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Check Your Credit Report before Finding Calgary Rentals

Category: Renter Tips
Published: 26 December 2013

Before renting an apartment, your potential landlord wants to know how much you make, your expenses, what you owe, and how good you are in paying your bills on time. He gets that information from your credit report. If you're like almost every adult in Canada, you have one whether you want it or not. It contains detailed information about your finances, such as what you owe on your car loan and whether your charge card payments are on time.

If you want to know what apartment complexes are going to find out about you, order a copy of this report, preferably several months before finding Calgary rentals. You can get one for free from these links of the two major credit bureaus: Equifax and Transunion. Don't try and locate these free requests on your own. The bureaus hide their links well. They'd rather you pay for your report or sign up for credit monitoring services so they can watch your report for you.

After you receive the document, check to make sure that all its information is correct. (A recent survey of Canadian adults found that 18 percent of those who checked their report found inaccuracies.) Pay particular attention to the names and addresses of merchants, buying histories, payment terms, due dates, and whether you have any late or missed payments. Information stays in your report for six years before dropping off. Note that you won't find your credit score, which is a rating of your creditworthiness. This requires a fee to obtain.

If you uncover a problem, contact both the reporting merchant and credit bureau. You'll need to file a written report and include any documents, such as receipts, that support your contention. They must try to resolve the problem, which may take time. If they don't do so to your satisfaction, you can add a note to your file explaining your side of things. You can then request that your new report with the note be sent to anyone who requested it within the last two months.

If you want more information on what you need to find Calgary rentals, please contact us.


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