About Us:

What are we?
RentClick.ca is a website service that connects landlords and property managers who have rental properties to tenants who need to rent some accommodations. If you are a landlord, property manager, or renter, we have created the perfect website for you that will meet your needs. RentClick currently advertises property rentals in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

What we do for landlords and property owners
Are you a landlord or property manager? We know what’s important to you. You want the property listing process to be hassle-free. You want to post as many photos as you want. You want to be able to edit your listing anytime. You want to deactivate your listing anytime. You want to find great tenants who meet your criteria. We will help you do that!

Did you know that online advertising can reach a much larger audience than traditional newspaper advertising and is more cost-effective? List your house, apartment, duplex, townhome, basement, or vacation property with us! Unlike print advertising, you can provide a lot of detail about your property without the high cost. (Right now, for a limited time, our listing service is free.) You can also post as many photos as you want, you can track the number of visitors to your property listing, and you can edit your listing anytime after you post it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We will be adding additional features to the website that will make it easier to find your ideal tenants… stay tuned!

What we do for renters and tenants
Are you currently renting accommodations? We know that you may prefer to rent rather than own or perhaps you are on your way to buying your own home. In the meantime, you can be sure that RentClick will provide you with an extremely easy-to-use website that will narrow numerous advertised properties into a list of properties that you are specifically interested in. We have developed search terms so that you can narrow your search. Click on the dynamic search terms to filter all available properties based on that search term. The more search terms you click on, the more you narrow your search. For example, a search term might be “townhouse” or “3 bedrooms.”

We know what’s important to you. You want to quickly search for a home that suits your budget. You are looking for a specific property type. You want to stay in a certain community. Perhaps you have pets? We will help you find a great place to live!

We will be adding additional features to the website that will make your search for rental accommodations easier and quicker… stay tuned!

We’re easy to use!
The RentClick website first began as an idea and it has developed into a fully functional website for use in Western Canada. It was developed from the ground up by experienced web designers and developers, database specialists, application developers, marketing specialists, and graphic design specialists. We have poured thousands of hours of time into developing this website so that you can benefit from it.

We’ve made it so easy to use. Landlords and property owners can register and list their property in less than 15 minutes. With digital cameras becoming so common, it’s very easy to post digital photos of your property. Since we’re on line, you can log into your account from anywhere in the world, anytime, and edit or deactivate your listing. We’ve also made it easy for renters to search for the exact property that they want, whether it’s an apartment, house, or vacation property. Renters click on dynamic search terms that filter all available properties based on that search term. The more search terms you click on, the more you narrow your search. We also make it easy for you to delete search terms. Renters who search for properties can do so free of charge and this does not require registration or logging in.

RentClick Owners
We’re a group of people who have been on both sides, as renters and as property owners. That gives us the unique ability to understand what renters and landlords need. We know what each party needs and is looking for in an online rental service. We’ve developed the RentClick website with the perspective that it must be useful for both parties. We look forward to your feedback in order to improve our website.